Who do you sell to?

Municipalities, landscape contractors, re-wholesalers. We are a wholesale nursery. This means we do not sell directly to the public and we do not have a retail presence at this time.

Are your trees root pruned?

Yes our trees are root pruned at least every other year.

Is bare rooting in the fall safe for the tree?

Bare rooting trees in the fall after they have gone dormant is a very safe way to plant a tree. Though, some trees don’t transplant well this way and should only be planted in spring.

What are the advantages and disadvantages with bare root trees?

The advantages of bare root trees are as follows; easier/less expensive handling, planting and shipping because you aren’t handling the weight/space of the soil. Bare root trees can be purchased at a lower cost, again from the absence of the soil weight and from the lack of materials needed to hold/ship the roots. Since the roots will be planted in the local soil, there is no difficult transition for the roots, where a containerized root mass has to brake through into the new type of soil.

The disadvantages are as follows; you can only receive bare root trees seasonally and the planting time frame is short. Also, the species selection is somewhat limited, some trees just don’t bare root well.

How does contract growing work?

Contact growing is a means of getting what species of tree you want, when you want it, what size you want it to be, and at a discounted price. A down payment is due upon the signing of the contract, we grow your tree for a time, and sell you the finished product as you desired.

What hardiness zone am I in?

Fall vs. spring planting?

Some trees can only be transplanted in spring while others also do well in fall. We generally stick to what works best for each species. Trees that can handle both spring and fall planting give you the flexibility to get more planting done over a longer period of time.

Do you guarantee your trees will survive transplanting?

We do not sell any tree with a ‘guarantee’. If you purchase a tree from us and it dies, give us a call. We will discuss the processes that took place and determine the cause of death. If it can be determined that the cause of death was not your fault, we will credit you with another tree.