Our Story

Founded in 2012, a time of drought, insect infestations, and stretched budgets, Leaves Inspired Tree Nursery is dedicated to offering long term solutions through unexpected problems.

We are a family run company doing what we were schooled in and enjoy, growing trees. The nursery is located 3 miles west of Chilton, Wisconsin, a mile north of highway 151.

We have a very diverse variety of trees growing for the wholesale market and we make it our mission to supply different unique trees in an ecologically responsible way. We strive to push the industry forward into the future by utilizing technology, tree physiology, and research, to better manage what we grow and why we grow.

At the nursery, we take great care in producing the highest quality trees. Our trees are planted at the root flare, a healthy spacing to achieve a full, round crown and our trees are root pruned to stimulate root growth, increasing transplanting success. Planted in fertile loam soil, with our pruning and maintenance, you can be sure you are buying some of the best trees available.